[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 07:46:22 CDT 2003

Well, here is the thought process that leads me to my need:

This is all home netork, use - no *real* need for Gigabit speed...

I have several boxes with vendor supplied Gigabit (like Apple Ti), and
I want to take advantage of the speed available

I am about to setup a couple X86 Dell servers (again, at home) that
have built-in Gigabit Ethernet (Intel chipset on MB), and I want to
have them communicate with each other as fast as possible.

I can add Gigabit Ethernet to my X86 desktops for under $40.

Now, with 768K +/- DSL, do I need 1000 Mb/sec networking? No, but do I
like the IDEA of a gigabit network, YES. It is better if it has any
chance of approaching 1000 Mb/sec "bursts".

In my mind, I see a parallel "server to server" network working at 1000
Mb/sec speeds, with desktops hanging off 100 Mb/sec Fast Ethernet...



--- Bjorn Ramqvist <v53278 at g.haggve.se> wrote:
> Lionel Peterson wrote:
> > 
> > I have seen Linksys 8 port switches for $175 +/-, and Netgear 8
> port
> > switches for $210 +/- (both at Amazon.com), but I'm wondering if
> for
> > fun at home there is a less expensive source such switches.
> Be aware; some of these switches may not get even near the 1GigaBit
> they
> claim. They are very least suitable for heavy traffic, from what I've
> read.
> (I'd guess home networking is OK though)
> /Bjorn
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