[rescue] u2 drive trays

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Wed Aug 20 03:12:47 CDT 2003

On 2003.08.19 19:19 Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> That is, they aren't supported under IRIX (although, I'm going to tap
> a friend at SGI to find out who was the OEM for the Octane/O2 FDDI
> option)
Please share this information with us. I am on the way getting an Octane
and cheap FDDI would be great. (If I can get a PCI card cage that
doesn't cost more then the machine. ;-( )

> or OpenBSD/NetBSD on any of the architectures that have migrated to
> the new bus-address architecture. 
New bus-address architecture? You mean bus_space(9) / bus_dma(9)? AFAIK
NetBSD is completely bus_spaceified for a long time. 

> I also don't believe they're supported under Solaris.
DEFPAs? No. But SusKonnect cards are as easy and cheap to get and there
are Solaris drivers. 

> I'm contemplating porting the OpenBSD driver soon, because it doesn't
> look like too much work.
Porting to what? IRIX? That would be great.


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