[rescue] Does anybody out there have....

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue Aug 19 15:32:05 CDT 2003

The CD labeled Solaris 9 Software Supplement (for 8/03).    Sun is doing a 
poor job (at least
from what I'm seeing) with Solaris 9 (both 4/03 and 8/03) not having ALL 
the CD's available on
their download site for download.  I got stuck with 4/03 missing the two 
CD's of Documents (which
the install wants) and now the 8/03 wants this disk.   I've been digging 
thru the site for a while
now, and I know what it has on it, but I still don't know where to get the 
ISO image....if anybody
can send me a copy, or tell me where to find it, I'd be greatly appreciative...


(I'm still also looking for the 4/03 Document CD's as well...) 

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