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>On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 01:52 PM, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> I see you can get blades for the Cisco 1400 that have MIC
>> ports, ST ports, and CDDI ports.... sooo....
>> 1. Which are the "standard ports for conneting to hosts" ?  MIC, right 
>> ?
>   Most older cards have MIC connectors, most newer (and nearly all PCI 
>cards) have SC (not ST).  FDDI on ST connectors is fairly rare...some 
>VME interfaces and DEC DEFTA/DEFZA cards have ST connectors, but 
>nothing else that I've seen.

ok..  so, if it is available go with SC connectors on the concentrator
to get more port density.... ok.

>   DEFPA cards have SC connectors, as do most SysKonnect cards (and all 
>recent/current ones).  Older Sbus cards have MIC, newer ones have SC.
>   SC<->MIC cables are common on eBay, so if you get a WS-C1400 with MIC 
>ports you're still ok...you just get lower port density on the 
>concentrator.  I'd avoid ST...they're fragile and not that easy to find 
>cheaply.  Only use it when you absolutely have to...like if you have a 
>TurboChannel machine with a DEFTA, then just get an ST<->MIC cable to 
>connect to your concentrator.

ok... so.. SC is the way to go on a concentrator... I assume SC to SC
cables are also pretty common :-)

>> 2. Can CDDI run over CAT5, if so, anyone know which length ?  How hard 
>> is
>>    it to get CDDI cards (I think I have a CDDI sbus card kicking 
>> around that
>>    came in a used Sparc I aquired) ?  Is it just as good (CDDI) ???
>   Talk to James Sharp <jsharp at psychoses.org> about CDDI if you don't 
>get answers here.  He's done a lot with it.  I've not done anything 
>with CDDI so I can't help you there.

OK... will do if nobody comes up with anything usefull here... the
advantage would be I could move the majority of my network to FDDI
and CDDI (I could use CDDI to bridge two switches over CDDI, use CDDI
where I have CAT5 in the wall, and use FDDI where I don't have wall

>> Does Cisco have something like the 1400 that has an ethernet port, or 
>> am
>> I going to need to get a Catalyst switch with a FDDI uplink ?
>   You need a switch.  It takes serious smarts to bridge between 
>Ethernet and FDDI.
>   If all you need is 10Mbit ethernet, the WS-C1200 family of switches 
>have a FDDI uplink, perform well, are small (2U), and can be had very 

yuk... I'm trying to stay away from 10Mbit except for the link to the
cable company....  (that and old DOS boxes, etc).

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