FDDI, was: Re: [rescue] u2 drive trays

Paul Weissmann paul at doorslam.net
Tue Aug 19 12:59:57 CDT 2003

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. [rescue at hawkmountain.net] wrote:
> OK... some questions...
> I see you can get blades for the Cisco 1400 that have MIC
> ports, ST ports, and CDDI ports.... sooo....
> 1. Which are the "standard ports for conneting to hosts" ?  MIC, right ?

concentrators in most cases have mic. some have sc and even fewer
have st, last time i looked.

most fiber cables i got have mic-sc, i.e. they are the easiest to
find, at least here in .de.

> 2. Can CDDI run over CAT5, if so, anyone know which length ?  How hard is
>    it to get CDDI cards (I think I have a CDDI sbus card kicking around that

getting cddi cards is easy, i found them considerable cheaper than
fddi cards on ebay.

>    came in a used Sparc I aquired) ?  Is it just as good (CDDI) ???

not the same geek factor apparently, i.e you don't have no fiber
running through your home.

> Does Cisco have something like the 1400 that has an ethernet port, or am
> I going to need to get a Catalyst switch with a FDDI uplink ?

WS-C1201 is what you're lookin for, although having only 10baset.
look for the ``right'' a/b card, i.e. the uplink card though.
has 8 ethernet port and 2 fddi/cddi a/b port

	- paul

   zwei jaeger treffen sich. beide tot.

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