[rescue] SunPro C/C++

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Aug 19 12:33:33 CDT 2003

I think many people here have a varying definition of "cheap".

$1K is not cheap (even when I was gainfully employed)....  I don't
program for a living (well, not at home :-) ), and could never justify
$1000 for a compiler setup.... I'll use gcc even if it is not as

Now $1K if your a business and part of your business is programming and
you desire efficiency, than that isn't bad.... but they should offer the
languages separately.... I don't know many people or businesses that
need Fortran, C, and C++....

-- Curt

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>On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
>> I'm looking for a fairly recent (i.e. newer then 5.0) release of Sun's
>> C and C++ compilers (with license, of course).  Anyone wither got one
>> they can part with, or a suggestion how to get it without paying a
>> rediculous sum?
>Version 8.0 is only $1k.  That's quite a bit cheaper than SGI's kits, if
>you consider that that $1k kit gets you C, C++, FORTRAN 77, and Fortran 95.
>If you have an older version of the compilers, the upgrade is quite
>cheap ($400, I think).
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