[rescue] u2 drive trays

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Aug 19 10:29:59 CDT 2003

If the equipment supports 100baseTX full duplex though that would eliminate
collisions between the two points.  no ???

I thought most adapters, (real) operating systems, and good switches
support full duplex.

Looking at my 2924XL I see the ports I have in use (all set to auto
negotiate) are at 100BaseTX full duplex.

none of the ports I have in use (other than the one last used by an old
386 running DOS and PCNFS show any collisions).

-- Curt

>From: Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez <lefa at ucsc.edu>
>> Exactly.  It's a *switch*.  My FDDI switch gets 800Mbps.  FDDI is rated to
>> 100Mbps.  You should be able to get 100Mbps on ethernet with a hub.  It
>> just doesn't work.
>Yes that is correct, in switched ethernet you still get plenty of
>collisions (ergo contention) between nodes, since even though
>theoretically you are establishing a point to point connection, there is
>no provision to ensure that any of the two ports involved try to use the
>bus at the same time. FDDI has a tokened approach, so no contention is
>possible since one of the ends seizes the bus and the other end is aware
>of that.
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