[rescue] FC-AL? and pile o' sparcs

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Mon Aug 18 19:00:23 CDT 2003

Starting to sort through the pile of SPARCs I got yesterday. The U1 
seems to be dead; I get a "red something" error on a terminal on the 
serial port. List archives seem to indicate that it means a dead CPU. 
The CPU seems to be pretty well attached to the MB...

The 20 had a "stray interrupt" error when booting from the CD. Made me 
think the CD was bad, but it wasn't. I removed a couple of cards and it 
works fine. First, I took out what I think is an FC-AL card. It's got an 
Emulex 2400092 FAS101 chip on it. Anyone want it for COS??

The 20 now has 128M, 4G, 2x85MHz in it. Anyone suggest a faster OS than 

Sorry, Josh, but I'm probably going to use the SunSwift cards. All my 
SPARCs (9 or so of them) are SBUS, too.

More later as I dig through the parts. Suggestions for appropriate 
applications for a 5 and a 2? I'm thinking that I might use them to get 
a couple more friends interested in SPARCs...


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