[rescue] Compact Flash to IDE...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Mon Aug 18 11:57:14 CDT 2003

I picked up something probably even "simpler" than the Sandisk solution. 
The Tucson Amateur Radio group actually produces an adapter,  (check out 
http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/Fcfa.html ) which isn't probably the 
cheapest, but it's a very bare bones solution.  (I'm not affiliated with 
them in any way...I live in Atlanta...it was just a site I found when I was 
looking a while ago... they were pretty simple to deal with, took the order 
over the web, and it arrived pretty quickly.)

It works great, and it's smaller than 2.5....it's basically just the 
circuit board.  Screw it down wherever you've got a place in your case, and 
you're done.
I've used it in a bunch of boxes, without a hiccup...it's currently in my 
firewall box...(the only moving part there is the fan on the CPU...I can't 
seem to find any passive cooling system that would fit in that box....it's 
a 1U unit...but the single board computer I've got in there is not mounted 
on the bottom, so I lose part of the case for that...it was tough finding a 
FAN that had low enough profile...)


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