[rescue] The bottomless closet, part 3

James Birdsall jwbirdsa at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 17 20:56:02 CDT 2003

More stuff available:

--James B.


3W3 to 3BNC cable, the coax connectors on the 3W3 are female

SMD ribbon cable: on each end a DB25F and a DB37F, with a 60-pin header
connector in the middle

13W3-ish to 3BNC -- no pins on the 13W3, only the three coax connectors,
which are female

Sun 530-1594 audio I/O cable for SS2, others?

Sun 530-1359-01 Rev 01 3-foot DB9M-DB9F mono video cable

Sun 530-1359-01 Rev 51 3-foot DB9M-DB9F mono video cable

Sun 530-1359-01 Rev 52 3-foot DB9M-DB9F mono video cable

Sun 530-1125-01A long DB9M-DB9F mono video cable

Sun 530-1133-01A long DB9M-DB9F mono video cable

long DB9M-DB9F mono video cable

reel of Memorex MRX V 6250 BPI 9-track tape

=== $1 OBO

Sun 501-1419-06 Rev 50 mg1 SBus mono ECL graphics (DB9), working pull


Sun 365-1016-01B 19" ECL mono monitor 1152x900, working pull, goes great
with the mg1 and a video cable from above :)

Sun 19" color monitor made by Hitachi, 1152x900 @ 66, fixed frequency, 4BNC,
working pull

=== BOOKS (free, these are heavy but qualify for media mail or bound printed
matter shipping, which is dirt cheap)

IBM TCP/IP version 1.1 for OS/2 EE, manual and floppies

Fujitsu M2351A/AF Mini-Disk Drive Customer Engineering Manual

2 @ Compaq "Setup, Management, and Software Products Release 3.20",
apparently for x86, seems to include SmartStart, Netware, ARCserve, and
licenses, original packaging with CDs and floppies

2 @ DEC Digital UNIX Alpha Software Product Library July 1996, original
packaging with CDs

DEC Alpha Systems Firmware Update 3.5 March 1996, original packaging with

Sun PC-NFS 3.5 original packaging with manuals and 3.5 and 5.25 floppies,
also floppy with 3.5C upgrade

HP manual set: PCL5 Developer's Guide, PCL5 Comparison Guide, PCL5 Printer
Language Technical Reference Manual, Printer Job Language Technical
Reference Manual

Pittman Pocket Guide: CP/M

Pittman Pocket Guide: Assembly Language for the Z80

Pittman Pocket Guide: Assembly Language for the 6502

Pittman Pocket Guide: Assembly Language for the 8085

HP manual: Using the X Window System, November 1991, Edition 5, P/N
B1171-90043, seems to cover HP/UX, OSF/1, and Domain/OS

Volume One: Xlib Programming Manual for Version 11, O'Reilly

Volume Four: X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual, OSF/Motif 1.2 Edition,

Writing OS/2 Device Drivers, Raymond Westwater, copyright 1989

The UCSD Pascal Handbook, Randy Clark and Stephen Koehler

Western Digital Storage Management Products Handbook 1986

Programming Windows Version 3, second edition, Petzold

Foundations of Computer Music, eds. Roads and Strawn

Learning Micro Prolog: A Problem-Solving Approach, Tom Conlon, copyright

Microsoft OS/2 Programmer's Reference, version 1.1, volume 2

IBM OS/2 Technical Reference version 1.1, complete in original box

Sun 3/50 Desktop Workstation Hardware Installation Manual, 800-1355-05,

Preliminary Installation Notes for the Sun-3/200 Board Set, photocopy,
800-1618-02, 8-Dec-86

2 @ Sun 501-1102 Memory Board Configuration Procedures, photocopy,
813-2018-05, 10-Oct-86

Hardware Installation Manual for the Sun-3/60 Workstation, photocopy,
800-1987-05, 14-Aug-87

Hardware Installation Manual for the Sun-3/260 Workstation, photocopy,
800-1528-05, 10-Oct-86

3/260, 3/280 Cardcage Slot Assignments, photocopy, "extracted from Document
813-2004-05 Revison: A of 10 September 1986"

Installation Manual for Sun Rackmountable Fileservers, photocopy,
800-1556-05, 17-Jul-86

Installation and Service Manual for the Sun-3/180 Tape Drive Option,
813-1016-02, 31-May-86

Sun-3 Emulex MT02 Controller Configuration Procedures, photocopy,
813-2011-01, 16-May-86

2 @ Xylogics Model 451 User's Manual, 166-451-001 Rev B3, 2-Sep-86

Digital LA120 User Guide, EK-LA120-UG-004, 4th ed June 1981

Hardware Installation Manual for the 3/160 SunStation 800-1314-01, 15-Oct-85
with Installing UNIX on the Sun Workstation, 800-1317-06, 17-Feb-1986.
Discusses neat stuff such as how to partition and install SunOS on a
Micropolis 1304 50-mig disk.

Older SunOS beginner's manual set:
    Games, Demos and Other Pursuits: Beginner's Guide, 800-1270-03,
    System V Enhancements Overview, 800-1541-03, 19-Sep-86
    Getting Started with UNIX: Beginner's Guide, 800-1284-03, 17-Feb-86
    Setting Up Your UNIX Environment: Beginner's Guide, 800-1285-03,
    Self Help with Problems: Beginner's Guide, 800-1286-03, 17-Feb-1986
    Windows and Window Based Tools: Beginner's Guide, 800-1287-03, 17-Feb-86
    Mail and Messages: Beginner's Guide, 800-1288-03, 17-Feb-86
    Doing More with UNIX: Beginner's Guide, 800-1289-03, 17-Feb-86
    Using the Network: Beginner's Guide, 800-1290-03, 17-Feb-86
    Sun Systems Overview, 800-1300-02, 17-Feb-86
    Networking on the Sun Workstation, 800-1324-03, 17-Feb-86

Complete SunOS 4.1.1 manual set:
    SunOS Release 4.1.1 Rev B Publications Roadmap, 800-6053-10
    SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B Open Issues, 800-6033-10, 18-Jan-91
    SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B Release & Install, 800-5934-10, 18-Jan-91
    System & Network Administration, 800-3805-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunOS Reference Manual, Vols. 1-3, 800-3827-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunOS Documentation Tools, 27-Mar-90
    Global Index, 800-4778-10, 27-Mar-90
    Network Programming Guide, 800-3850-10, 27-Mar-90
    Programmer's Overview Utilities & Libraries, 27-Mar-90
    Writing Device Drivers/STREAMS Programming, 27-Mar-90
    SunView System Programmer's Guide/Pixrect Reference
    Programmer's Language Guides
    SunView Programmer's Guide, 27-Mar-90
    OpenWindows Version 2 User's Guide, 800-4930-10, 11-Jun-90
    OpenWindows Version 2 Release Notes, 800-4910-10, 11-Jun-90
    DeskSet Environment Reference Guide, 800-4929-10, 11-Jun-90
    OpenWindows Version 2 Installation and Start-Up Guide, 800-4899-10,
    SunOS User's Guide: Doing More, 800-3833-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunView User's Guide, 800-3831-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunDiag User's Guide, 800-3818-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunOS User's Guide: Customizing Your Environment, 800-3835-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunOS User's Guide: Basic Troubleshooting, 800-3834-10, 27-Mar-90
    SunOS User's Guide: Getting Started, 800-3830-10, 27-Mar-90

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