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Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
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On Sunday, August 17, 2003, at 01:25  PM, Shannon wrote:

> I think it is about time the corporations started accepting some of OUR
> conditions.

I think you've missed one very big point. With the job market the way 
it is, for any position they (the company doing the hiring) have, they 
have lots of prospective employees to pick from. If (or when) you have 
multiple job offers waiting, then you can pick & choose what company 
you want to work for, or possibly make the company accept some of your 
conditions. But when they can just pick the next person on their list, 
they don't really need to listen to any conditions.

Back in another life I was in the leather working machinery business, 
and when we looked for a sewing machine mechanic, if we wanted somebody 
that could work on industrial Singer sewing machines we could pick & 
choose, because there are lots of mechanics out there for Singer 
machines. When we were looking for a mechanic for a Union Lockstitch 
sewing machine, which are much fewer, if we found one that knew their 
stuff we had to give them (within reason) what they wanted.

The same is true with IT. If Unix sysadmins were hard to find, then we 
would have a greater influence on the company's that are hiring them, 
but I'm pretty sure for any job offered there are many folks replying, 
so the company gets to pick & choose. I'm sure if some company was 
still using an old Honeywell system running Multics, and they were 
looking for somebody to maintain it there would be quite a bit less for 
them to pick from, so the company would be much more receptive to what 
the potential employees wants are.

- -Mike
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