[rescue] $60 rescue

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sun Aug 17 17:09:56 CDT 2003

So, sixty bucks and two hours in the car today has netted me an instant 
SPARC collection. (I already had a 3/80, SS2, SS5, U1 and U2.) This 
batch includes: SS2, SS5, SS10, SS20, U1, keyboard, mechanical mouse and 
a 19-inch mono monitor. Most of the stuff is what one would expect, some 
HDDs, floppies, etc. Not much memory, 32 in a couple, 64 in one and 128 
in the 20... Only a couple of hard drives.

The interesting stuff: there are a couple of SunSwift SBUS cards, nice 
since I had none. There's also what I think is (This is for you, 
Dave...) a FC-AL card. It's got an Emulex 2400092 FAS 101 chip on it 
that appears to be a fiber chip. There is no Sun part number on the 
thing. Any other ideas?

Another interesting thing is that the 10 boots up to SunOS 4.1.3 and 
when openwindows starts, I get a "Crosfield desktop" login. I haven't 
looked at it much, but I seem to remember the name Crosfield from 
graphic arts and color separation work for printing.

The only one that does not boot is the U1. The seller told me taht the 
video card was bad; I don't think so. I tried a different framebuffer 
and I still get nothing out of the monitor. As I recall, the U1 only 
needs 2 memory slots filled to boot, and I have done that and tried 
stop-n at boot time. ONly other problem is that the CD on the 20 doesn't 
seem to work. No biggie; I have a couple of externals. Would be nice to 
have one of the slim ones though...

All in all not a bad deal for $60. I think I can give a couple away and 
try to get a couple more guys at work turned on to somethign other than 
Intel... (Always a worthwhile goal!)


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