[rescue] firewalling windoze crap

Phil Schilling phils at gcstech.net
Mon Aug 11 07:23:30 CDT 2003

On 16 Aug 2003 18:49:52 -0700
Daniel de Young <daniel at velvetsea.com> wrote:

> Hope this upcoming week goes better for you!
	Really sorry to have unleashed and so do I [0]

Almost all the firewalls that I control have WinBloze networks behind them controlled by proprietary software companies.  I too must worry about the lack of updates and the rampant laptop.  But following the reply I gave, the laptop may infect the local network but cannot go out to infect others.  I spent a full day emailing and calling software companies and my clients giving them the steps that they needed to make sure had been taken.  All of this at no gain for me, minus my yearly contract on the firewalls.  Nowhere in my firewall contracts does it state that I will do the work of the inside software company.  

[0] hope next week goes better


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