[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sat Aug 16 20:55:48 CDT 2003

Moving to geeks...

> On Sat, 16 Aug 2003, Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez wrote:
> > Uh? Please elaborate here, I really do not understand what suits have to
> > do with the current situation in California.
> Do read up on the energy crisis and how the electric companies inside
> California had deals with companies outside of CA (including Enron) to
> buy electricity at above market rates so that they could qualify for
> subsidies, making everyone rich.

I am very well aware of the energy crisis here, except that the people to
blaim are not just the Governor. How removing the governor from office,
while leaving Mr. Lay and his merry men scot free is going to
magically solve our problems is beyond me.

> > Oh, I would agree with you if it was election time. But, the elections
> > were a short time ago and Californian's already spoke with their votes,
> > OK? I believe this is a shady attempt at over ruling the will of the
> > people.
> Uh, hello?  It's provider-for in the California constitution, and was
> approved by the signatures -OF- the people of California.

The signature gathering process was perverted beyond belief. I was stopped
a few times by people asking for signatures in at least two instances I
asked the people to explain me what was going on and they said they could
care less, they were getting paid per signature. LOL...

> > If we are going to recall a governor, we should have the option to recall
> Is that in the constitution?

Well, somewhat... it is called impeachment I believe.

> > I find it inmoral that the main justification is the current budgetary
> > crisis, when almost every other state is going through the same
> > situation,
> Yes, but this isn't the first time for California.  It's been like that
> for years and steadily getting worse.  Other states also don't have the
> same -magnitude- of debt as CA.

Again, the current economic climate and massive debt level from the
federal government have nothing to do with it right? I just do not
understand how removing a recently elected governor is going to make
things better... If Mr. Swatzewhatever cared so much, he had his chance to
run for governor in the elections a few months ago, but he was too busy
filming T3 I guess.

> > while spending millions in gathering signatures
> Do you have proof that this was paid with public funds?

They were paid with private funds. Mr. Darrell Issa's to be exact, he
spent a fortune in the process. He ran smear adds in almost every radio
station. Saying how he had the solution, and then it turned out that he
doesn't want to run. So we are complaining about suits, but it seems to
be perfectly OK for one to totally screw things up and make things even
worse, rather than working to help, once things got too hot in the
kitchen Mr. Issa weaseled his way out of this mess he has left us with. I
have a problem with that as a matter of fact. Now we have to pay another
bunch of millions to get the circus in place....

I am just hoping for Larry Flynt to win, that would be poetic justice
right there, LOL!

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