[rescue] Baffling problem with HP DeskJet 1600CM (paper feed)

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Sat Aug 16 17:40:31 CDT 2003

On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 09:40 AM, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> Hello all,


Sorry.  My coffee hasn't set in yet this morning.  (0)

> I have a baffling problme with my HP Deskjet 1600CM (bought to make
> nice color prints (like spreadsheets, Gannt Charts, etc.) from Solaris)
> - it seems the printer grabbs the first page (a mandatory banner page),
> then "chokes" on the first page of the document.

First:  be prepared to print from it _every_ day _in_ color or the ink  
will dry up and you'll have to buy four new cartridges again.

Second:  Will it print a simple:
cat textfile.txt>/dev/lp0
(? I forget how Sun numbers parallel ports)

Third: Does it have a Postscript SIMM in it?

Fourth: Does it print it's own test pages properly or choke on the  
first one?  (Press and hold the blue button until it starts blinking -  
usually only requires a single press.)

> How to absolutely force off the printing of banner pages? (I've turned
> them off in admintool, where else should I look?)

What version of Solaris?
Solaris 9:



Solaris 2.5:



> Any ideas what causes the *second* jage to jam? The first shoots
> through like nobody's business, but the second goes an inch or two,
> then stops... If I pull the page out, the second page is printed
> fine...

Is it a physical jam or a "blinky light" jam?  If it's a blinky jam I  
would think that form feeds on the page output are necessary but that's  
just a guess.

> I've ordered a roller "pad" with cleaner to clean the rollers (see
> http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kkx3.html) - I ordered it from
> fixyourownprinter.com when I ordered replacement rollers & clutch for
> my HP 4MV 11x17 printer...

Or you could go out and buy a bottle of Simple Green and clean all the  
rollers with that.
It is probably cheaper.  ;-)

I'm going to be gone all day so I won't get to reading your responses  
until this evening.  Sorry!

Mike Hebel

(0) I wrote this and it bounced because of some mail weirdness so here  
it is again later today.

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