[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sat Aug 16 16:48:55 CDT 2003

> > Oh, god no! We can only pray that this circus leaves town soon... :)
>    Would you rather have a bunch of nose-in-the-air suits who only care
> about greasing their business friends?

Uh? Please elaborate here, I really do not understand what suits have to
do with the current situation in California.

>    Personally, I think it's time for a change.  Ahhnold already has more
> than enough money, and he knows it.  He might actually do the job
> *well* as opposed to doing it profitably.

[begin rant, please skip if you do not wanna hear politics.. I am very
very sorry]

Oh, I would agree with you if it was election time. But, the elections
were a short time ago and Californian's already spoke with their votes,
OK? I believe this is a shady attempt at over ruling the will of the
people. What Ah'nol may or may not do is rather irrelevant IMHO, he has no
political experience and enought bagage to be a liability (Nazi daddy,
Hollywood planet shady deals, meetings with Kenneth Lay in 01, etc, etc).
If we are going to recall a governor, we should have the option to recall
EVERYONE, OK? I feel it disgusting that the same people who told other
people to accept the outcome of a previous election have no problems at
attempting to overrulet the results in other election that does not suit
them. I find it inmoral that the main justification is the current
budgetary crisis, when almost every other state is going through the same
situation, while spending millions in gathering signatures (sometimes
paying per signature to the "volunteers"), and forcing the state to spend
another few millions in running an unnecesary election. The vote will be
carried out in October, and many voting districts (poor ones how
convenieng) have already said they will not have enough time/money to
prepare for the vote. If the people who were behind the vote were so
"interested" in the well being of California, they would have donated the
millions of dollars they spent in the recall effort in order to reduce the
budgetary crisis. Now we are facing the possibility of having a bad
musclehead actor as the governor with a minority of votes, have we truly
sank this low... a circus with 120+ names in the ballot... while we are
going through some dire times?

[\end of rant, again I apologize if I hurt anyones polical views]

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