[rescue] Laser Printer fix...

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Aug 16 13:14:46 CDT 2003

I'm trying to "Rescue" this laser printer... a Xerox DocuPrint P12
(engine issue, read on to see what other two printers use this engine)

I think it's either paper transport or sensor problem...

Basically it starts to try to feed, possibly feeds a bit, then jams...
however, if you hold the printer on a 45 degree angle (can't remember
if the front or the back needs to be the higher end), then it feeds
ans prints its test page fine....

Anyone got a repair manual on this (the engine is used
in the Xerox DocuPrint P12, Apple LaserWriter 12/640/PS Plus, and
NEC 1200 printers) ... since it is an engine issue, a manual for
any of these that covers the engine would be usefull.


  -- Curt

Curtis Wilbar
Hawk Mountain Networks
rescue at hawkmountain.net

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