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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sat Aug 16 12:10:33 CDT 2003

On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 08:59 AM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> Right and wrong don't magically change because your door has CEO
>> written on it.
> True, but the descriptions of the issues involved gets more detailed as
> you move up the chain from the employee that was laid-off through
> middle management to the CEO. Companies exist for making profits, not
> jobs...

   Of course that's true, and we must never lose sight of that fact.  
But what's happening is the profits are being made largely outside the 
bounds of honesty and decency...and the C?Os are confusing *company* 
profits with *personal* profits.  Enron, anyone?  Worldcom?  Tyco?  
Need I go on?

   Companies are spending time, effort, and money to protect themselves 
from their employees because they're creating environments in which 
their employees hate their company.  They no longer care about or 
respect their employees, on either a personal or professional level.

   Case in point.  My girlfriend Julia is a highly educated, experienced 
professional architect.  She was working for an architectural firm...a 
big one, offices all across the US.  She was laid off a month ago. 
(don't worry, she's already had a new [better] job for a week)  She got 
back from lunch one day and couldn't log into her machine...that's how 
she found out.  They laid off four of the twelve people in her group 
with no notice and no severance.

   She got a letter of reference from her former boss, but she was the 
only one who did.  The line to everyone else was "as a matter of 
company policy, we don't provide reference letters".  When this policy 
was questioned, the response was "if we give someone a good reference 
and they perform badly at their new company, it reflects badly on us!"

   ...do you see something wrong with this?


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