[rescue] Looking for Matthew Bergeron

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Aug 15 22:35:54 CDT 2003

Anyone have a new address for Matt (formerly at mbergero at petroheat.com).
That address bounces, and has for some time now.

If your out there Matt, and your reading this, please contact me with
your new address.

If anyone else out there knows where to get ahold of Matt, I'd appreciate
it.... he had software for an old Altos... I've been trying to find it
for quite some time, and turns out he has one of these boxes and the
software disks..... (only person I've ever found with them).... so I'd
like to reconnect with him.

Thanks to all,

  -- Curt
Curtis Wilbar
Hawk Mountain Networks
rescue at hawkmountain.net

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