[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Fri Aug 15 18:27:02 CDT 2003

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, N. Miller wrote:

> <geek hat>
> Assuming you are not an on-site customer service kind of geek...I'm
> not saying that it *should* matter ('cause I don't think it should).

I used to be.  A customer would generally comment on it once, but would
always call back and ask for me, because I got stuff fixed the first
time, and -fast-.  This goes for back when I worked with several other
techs and when I was self-employed.  I still do some amount of on-site
stuff for a few clients.

> Since reality is there, you have to cope with it.  *Especially* now with
> the current job market.</geek hat>

I guess I'm just lucky.

> Audience analysis, pure and simple.  Tailor your message to those you
> are talking to.

I'll agree with that, but I don't do the clothing dance.  I've never
really taken what I would call strong prejudice for it, either.  I'm
always very polite, very direct, and I go in, get the job done, and
leave.  If they wanted to bitch about something, they'd probably
start with my hair (which reaches the small of my back) or my beard
(which touches my chest), anyway.

I guess a suit really wouldn't help that much, come to think of it. :)

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