[rescue] Re: SGI Onyx4 - uses ATI graphics chips (sigh)

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Fri Aug 15 08:35:01 CDT 2003

The difference between 24 (8 bit per channel) and 48
(16 bit per channel) when compositing, can be


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> "From: Aaron Finley <arnach at arnach.com>
> "
> "
> "Looking at the specs for the SGI Onyx4 and the ATI
> FireGL X1 card they use "inside it, they can only get
> 32-bit RGBA. I know that the InfiniteReality4 "and
> numerous other SGI offerings all were capable of
> 48-bit color. I don't "understand how film and oil
> and gas customers, etc. are going to want to "upgrade
> to lose billions of rather essential colors. Am I
> missing something?
> i don't understand why the film industry would care -
> i'm not sure it's possible to distinguish more than
> 30 bits of color resolution, maybe even 24.
> now scientific image processing might well make use
> of subtle image details the human eye could not
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