[rescue] Re: Sun Ultra 80

Aaron Finley arnach at arnach.com
Fri Aug 15 00:46:07 CDT 2003

> > >The best commercial deal I've seen is anysystem.com's EBay auctions.
> > >They've been selling machines for $1000 USD with a single
> > >450MHz/4MB, 1GB,dual 36GB disks.
> > >
> > >Their EBay userid is ebaysales at anysystem.com
>Great seller, highly recommended - the price seems a little high, but
>probably a good deal... That is a nice CPU, and there is plenty of
>RAM/HD too...

I went ahead and bid on one, won it for $1025, going to pick it up next 
monday hopefully.

I'm hoping to add another processor immediately, an Expert3D, SunPCI II, 
and the 90W10 24" monitor.

Thanks for the help,


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