[rescue] Closet cleaning

James Birdsall jwbirdsa at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 14 20:31:08 CDT 2003

After six months of unemployment, I had to move from a 2500-square-foot
house to an 850-square-foot apartment. I'm settled in enough now that I can
start working on clearing out the two storage units I had to cram 90% of my
computers into. I'm still unemployed, so some of the more valuable stuff
will be going straight to Ebay because I need the money, but I'd like to
offer as much of the rest as possible to the list here. This isn't a
commercial venture but it's also obviously a bit more than just a closet
cleaning, so I'm going to start out with the few items that I've extracted
so far and await Mr. Bill's ruling on whether it's cool for me to post more
or whether there's a better venue for it.

If there's anything in particular you're looking for, I may very well have
it, although I can't make any guarantees about when I may find it again. I
have machines and pieces for HP9000/3xx, /7xx, /8xx, RS/6000, VAXen,
ISA/EISA/VESA/PCI, DECstations, Alphas, MVME, SGI, and of course Suns. Wish
lists welcome if you can be patient.

--James B.

All items are untested but believed to be working unless otherwise noted.

=== $5 each OBO plus shipping
5 @ 3Com 3c597 10/100 EISA ethernet (the ones that can be used in the Indigo
2 by goofing with the Phobos driver)

=== $1 each OBO plus shipping
5 @ CentreCOM MR128FT 10baseT/10baseFL repeaters with power cords, will be
tested before shipping
11 @ CentreCOM MX26F 10baseFL mini transceivers, will be tested before
2 @ SynOptics 504A 10baseFL transceivers (these require an AUI cable instead
of clipping on directly), will be tested before shipping
501-1210-02D P4 cgfour 4BNC, working pull
501-1810 IPX MB
Adaptec ACB-4000 MFM-SCSI
IBM 32M SODIMM 42H2819 working pull from Thinkpad 600E, may be compatible
with 760, 770, i series
Spectra Systems Corp. SAS FDDI card for Nubus -- if I could find a driver
for this, I'd be keeping it!

=== free plus shipping
2 @ HP 88290-66511 rev B, 8-bit ISA interface card for the original HP
Scanjet 9190(A) (but not the Scanjet Plus 9195(A))
lots of 1M 9-chip 70ns 30-pin SIMMs
a few 1M 9-chip 70ns 30-pin SIPs
"sideclock" clock board for PC/XT, sits around a slot and shares it with
another board, I think I have software and manual too

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