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Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Aug 14 16:45:04 CDT 2003

"From: "N.Miller" <vraptor at promessage.com>
"I've been trying to have a discussion about career management
"with one of my buddies that is still employed, but worried
"about his job.  He is the only guy left supporting his lab,
"and his director doesn't think he does anything.  I keep
"telling him he's got to get out more and "press the flesh"
"so-to-speak, so he has more visibility--he needs to get his
"users to talk him up, let people know that he's solving
"problems and keeping things running.

another excellent trick is to keep a 'hero file' -- every time you do
something that'll make you look good, record the fact.  then when the
boss asks what you've been doing, pull the file out...
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