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William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Aug 14 14:35:46 CDT 2003

> my gf is from upper mn [brainerd], and the first winter she spent here
> [nh/ma] killed her.  it's colder back there, but it stays cold
> -all-winter-long- around here.  she was used to having thaws/breaks
> every six weeks or so.
   She's lying to you about it to make you feel less guilty about taking her
from Minnesota. Here's why I think so: my cousin was a teacher in Brainerd for
several years. One day she watched out the winodw as a neighbor went outside
to start his pickup on a cold day. Evidently it wasn't turning over, because
as she watched, the guy climbed out of the cab and raised the hood. As he
pulled out the dip stick, a long strand of oil strrrrrretched, and then
_shattered_ from the force of the wind.
   Evidence against the unevenness of MN winter weather can be seen in the
cities of ice houses that spring up on every lake greater than about 1,000
gallons north of Roseville. Those loonies leave their ice house on the ice
until like April of every year -- and the best fishing on some lakes is among
the sunken ice houses of past early Springs.
   I have long maintained that any people with spirit, inventiveness, and
perseverance all packed up and moved west of the Mississippi over 100 years
ago. The persistence of civilation within the 13 original colnies is just
momentum. I am, obviously, a crank and a Midwest chauvinist -- but you chose a
girl from there, now didn't you? See?! :7)
> and btw will, her little boy is headed to jw, so you go and make sure
> all his records show a straight 4.0, right?
   For what, Culinary? If so, I can try to trade access to the database for
free meals; othewrwise, the kid can probably sleep-walk his way to at least a
3.5 if he doesn't mind the quirks (like not scheduling your own courses
Freshman year).
> as for texas...
    In my experience, anything that follows "as for Texas" only reveals the
speaker to be devoid of imagination. :7) I've never been there, but I have
heard *so* many things about it that I didn't belive that I've come to see
Larry McMurtry books as documentaries. Also, the accent is cute on girls.
P.S. Sorry if I'm a little acerbic; I was coffee-less until two hours ago, and
I took my first cup right into a 2-hour meeting.
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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