Moving to Geeks - Re: [rescue] OT: unemployment and eating...

Sandwich Maker adh at
Thu Aug 14 14:12:30 CDT 2003

"From: Shannon <shannon at>
"A study of Virginia school cafeteria rated their nutrional value at
"slightly less than fast food, with only a few high points that scored
"better. The content of corn syrup and hydrogenated oils was higher than
"almost all fast food too.
"So much for all that nutrional analysis, eh?
"When I was growing up, I knew that was some gross stuff, and always
"noted how greasy a lot of it was.  
"So you see, I was right when I declared the "Thursday Special" was
"really ground up horse and fatback...

hey - horsemeat isn't that bad.  leaner than [corn-fed] beef for a
start.  but the fatback would make up for that.
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