[rescue] Fair Warning RPC Worm (Zenworks)

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Thu Aug 14 12:39:43 CDT 2003

Zenworks was a very cool product.  Kind of like an SMS
Server that actually worked.  Is it still around?  I
thought they dropped it a couple of years ago?


On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 09:46:16 -0700
N.Miller <vraptor at promessage.com> wrote:

> On Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 06:16 AM, Kevin
> wrote:
> > That's what local admin group is, the admin account
> > for*that* box.
> >
> > We've done that here (put the user's domain account
> > into the local admin group) but i'm considering
> > changing that policy.  I'd rather have the users in
> > "kiosk mode".  I have to install all their software
> > anyway, may as well remove that ability from their
> > account.  As it is, they are getting all kinds of
> > shit installed like Comet Cursor and Gator.  If
> > they lacked the ability to write to the registry
> > then i wouldn't have to deal with that crap.  Pus,
> > they couldn't install AOL, RealPlayer, any silly
> > clock bullshit or that f**king waving flag thing or
> > the blinking Christmas lights or..........
> Sounds like you need Novell's Zen, the BOFH's wet
> dream for dealing with Windows boxes.
> If the user installs anything, when the server polls
> the client and checks the db and finds something new,
> it automagically deletes the whatever was installed.
> And, it's granular, so you can allow some clients to
> install some types of things, but not others.
> Just another example of Novell having a good product
> and not marketing it properly.
> =Nadine=
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