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Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Thu Aug 14 12:00:40 CDT 2003

> > Maybe one way to cure this problem is to obtain  the 
> credentials and use 
> > them to take apart the system from the inside out.  You can 
> always use 
> > skills like those for good... it's just not in line with 
> the goals of 
> > most people obtaining MBAs... I think it'd be really good 
> if a whole 
> > bunch of geeks got various engineering and sciences degress 
> alongside 
> > MBAs... slicked their way into positions of power and then 
> > behaved...SHOCK... morally.
> You know, I have been considering going back to school for a 
> Masters... 
> It was going to be in IT since I have no formal training in 
> this field, 
> and I thought that might increase my credibility. However, 
> the problems 
> I seem to have are with incompetent, shortsighted management and 
> corporate stupidity. Maybe an MBA would be the right 
> ammunition to fight 
> back. OTOH maybe it'd get me canned as a troublemaker....
> Steve

	Carefull with this aproach. This was always the plan of the YIPPIES
(60's radical group like the weathermen). Work from inside to destroy the
system. Unfortunatly after a while your perception of what is wrong with the
system changes and it is very hard to detroy what you no longer hate. When
the idea of change moves from "The system is corrupt and must be destroyed."
to " My boss is a prick" the efforts go wrong. I find it HIGHLY interesting
that most of the people now raping these companies, spilling polutants,
selling our jobs to the lowest bidder, and looking out for themselves are
the same people 35 years ago at woodstock and marching on washington. I
would not be suprised at all to find out that Keneth Lay got that name for
his actions at the first woodstock.

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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