[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Thu Aug 14 09:36:30 CDT 2003

I'll agree here.  I took the exams for NT4 and they
were BS.  Can't speak for the Win2K exams.  I was owed
a voucher to take the accelerated exam for free but
declined due to my contempt for MS based software at
that point.

The NT 3.5.1 TCP/IP exam wasn't too bad.  You actually
had to do do some subnetting on that one, as opposed to
just being familiar with the concept.


On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:25:56 -0400
Andrew Weiss <ajwdsp at cloud9.net> wrote:

> That's the suit side of the cert industry... actually
> for instance the MCSE certification was quite
> laughable in the NT 4 days... it is not nearly as
> laughable today... the reason being the night and day
> difference in the difficulty to obtain it.  I think
> it's about 8 tests now... and a lot of Active
> Directory stuff which basically eliminated the paper
> MCSE morons overnight... and boy was there
> complaining.  If someone sticks through it I respect
> that much... but it must still be taken in context
> with the rest of the resume and how the person comes 
> off.
> Andrew

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