[rescue] OS X 10.3

Benjamin Gardiner cvisors at carnagevisors.net
Thu Aug 14 07:57:46 CDT 2003

N.Miller wrote:

> Yep, I think so.  I tried to boot the beige MT G3 from the 10.3
> CD and got a little box saying there was an error in booting in
> several languages.
> I guess I won't be installing it for a while, since I don't want
> to take the risk of hosing up the machine I'm using daily.
> =Nadine=

I believe its something to do with the open firmware which stops it from 
booting.  I have heard that there is a hack to get it working but I have 
no idea what it is....

I haven't managed to get a copy of 10.3 as of yet, but I think I will 
wait till it has been released, as I had issues with moving to the 
retail version of 10.1 after I had installed one of the beta versions of 


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