[rescue] got cisco?

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Wed Aug 13 21:45:53 CDT 2003

Does anybody on the list have any switches/routers they tired of having

I've got some equipment to full/partial trade:

u1 170 256MB 2x4GB

u2 2x200 256MB(4x64) 2 x4GB Creator 2

(2) ss20 sm-71 64MB

(2) 10/100 sbus cards

QFE sbus 10/100 -- maybe!

PC stuff:

800MHz Celeron 320MB choice of drives (4/6/8GB)

500MHz AMD 256MB choice of drives

300A 256MB choice of drives

Various other stuff if you have a specific want: dual head video card,
DVD decoder card, etc.

Heck for a decent sized swap I'd even trade my brand new Dell 8300 with
all the latest goo ($1800 2 months ago).  

If you're local to Northern cal I've got a black 72"x19"x30" Hubbell
fully enclosed server cabinet in great shape with smoked plexi front
door and 3 shelves.

Dibs on my first born? ;-)

I need a decent multi-router BGP lab on an unemployed person's budget...


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