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Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
Wed Aug 13 20:50:42 CDT 2003


On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 04:01  PM, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> On 13 Aug 2003, Daniel de Young wrote:
>> Or perhaps we could just pass a law requiring them to be moral.
> I don't believe that will solve anything.  The solution would be for
> people to stop patronizing corporations that act irresponsibly.
> However, Joe Sixpack is too much of a sheep to care.

I could be crazy, but I think the fix for this problem is much deeper 
than that. Somebody else mentioned countries that export to the US 
because they don't have consumers in their own country, and why is 
that? Many of the 3rd world countries (and even some of the bigger 
countries) have a 2 class system. They have rich, and they have poor, 
with not much inbetween. And in these countries their poor would make 
the average American poor person look rich. If these countries worked 
actively to increase the income of their own poor to the point where 
they can become consumers, then they wouldn't have to depend on 
exporting everything to the US. At the same time, by raising their poor 
out of the 'poor' classification they wouldn't be able to undercut US 
companies as much as they can now, so US companies wouldn't be looking 
for their exports as much (which ideally shouldn't matter to their 
companies, as they now have a domestic marketplace).

So basically about the only thing that can really fix the current 
problem would be a global balancing of the global ecomomy. Of course 
this isn't going to happen any time soon (probably not even in our 
great grandchildren's lifetimes), but that's what's needed. Another fix 
for this country would be for the politicians to stop trying to 
legislate morality, but that's a whole other subject that I'm not going 
to get into here :)

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