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Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Wed Aug 13 18:41:59 CDT 2003

 > Michael A. Turner wrote:
> > all downhill from there.
> > 	BTW I didn't get any unemployment. Had not made enough money. As
> > said, Virginia is brutal when it comes to benefits if you 
> are a white male.
> > There are none. It is a right to work state with the 
> assumed caveat that
> > it's a right not to work state. So if you are unemployed it 
> is your fault
> > according to the state. I think max unemployment tops at 
> $230. It also only
> > lasts 6 months. And you are taxed on it I believe. Also you 
> cannot go to
> > school while receiving it, just remembered that.
> > 
> I am in Virginia.  Are the benefits actually different based on race
> and gender, having the same income before unemployment?  Isn't
> that unconstitutional?
> KL

	you would think that it was unconstitutional. Legally it probably
is. The way it actually works is a lot different. Almost most all social
services in this state are Judged. When you go into unemployment you meet
with a person who determines your worthyness based on several concrete
factors and the less obvious "need" factor. AS I understand it all social
services in VA work the same way. The end result is that a white male of
sound body does not meet the "need" factor in most of these judges minds(BTW
this is a judge in the sense of someone who judges, not someone who has been
trained in the law). The end result is that you cannot and will not receive
	Oh about a dozen guys I know that have tried to get assistance for
whatever reason, they have been turned down. I have met a lot of women who
have all the benefits that they need/want. Section 8 housing is not open to
a single male with no place to stay. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
tells you in it's name not to bother. Look around in these offices. You will
see less than 5% of the people who work there are even male, let alone
	This sounds like a bit of a racist rant. I am not trying to make it
sound that way, I am just pointing out a Bias in the system so that people
who are affected by it can be aware of it.

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