[rescue] Re: Sun Ultra 80

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Aug 13 17:42:18 CDT 2003

Considering that the procs I think still go for about $350ish on ebay
(last time I looked), 1G of RAM would go for $100ish or better,
and two 36Gig discs with spud brackets would go for about $100...
that's $550, and we haven't talked about the chassis, graphics,

$1000 doesn't sound too bad... if you can beat it, I'd think it won't
be easy, and I don't think you'd beat it by much....

Then again.... this is all my opinion.... don't just take
my opinion.... see what others here have to say.

-- Curt

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>Is this the best deal I can get or should i try the newsgroups?
>At 10:00 AM 8/11/2003 +1200, you wrote:
>> >Anyone have an Ultra 80 they want to get rid of? (and get some money for..)
>> >
>> >Thanks,
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>> >Aaron
>>The best commercial deal I've seen is anysystem.com's EBay auctions.
>>They've been selling machines for $1000 USD with a single 450MHz/4MB, 1GB,
>>dual 36GB disks.
>>Their EBay userid is ebaysales at anysystem.com
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