[rescue] OT: unemployment and eating...

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Wed Aug 13 16:30:06 CDT 2003

Michael A. Turner wrote:
> all downhill from there.
> 	BTW I didn't get any unemployment. Had not made enough money. As
> said, Virginia is brutal when it comes to benefits if you are a white male.
> There are none. It is a right to work state with the assumed caveat that
> it's a right not to work state. So if you are unemployed it is your fault
> according to the state. I think max unemployment tops at $230. It also only
> lasts 6 months. And you are taxed on it I believe. Also you cannot go to
> school while receiving it, just remembered that.

I am in Virginia.  Are the benefits actually different based on race
and gender, having the same income before unemployment?  Isn't
that unconstitutional?


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