[rescue] OT: unemployment and eating...

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Wed Aug 13 16:17:21 CDT 2003

> > Around here, if you are a white male, forget it.
> Midwest - my unemployment is just enough to pay our rent and 
> maybe save 
> money for a burger.  It sucks.
> >> And, once your unemployment runs out (or you don't qualify for 
> >> whatever
> >> reason, like me), you aren't counted in those numbers either.
> >
> > Some of those CEOs better hope their office windows are armored.
> >
> > I'm only half-joking BTW... I expect to see some backlash.
> Please don't say that.  I already have to hear from one Christian 
> relative (my mother) who is convinced that society will collapse any 
> day now.  "It's coming!"  Sheesh.
> Although I would like to see some people higher up the food chain get 
> laid out to dry without any safety net.  Not like that's going to 
> happen though.  :-(
> Mike Hebel

	I once sat next to a VP for a major bank in the unemployment office.
he did not look happy. His chain got bought out and he was made redundant. I
felt bad for him in a way. I was 20 and would do anything as it would be ,
at worse, a parallel to my job that I had been doing. He, on the other hand,
was never going to find another job at that level. He was in the
unemployment office wearing his suit and tie. Never pays to peak cause it is
all downhill from there.
	BTW I didn't get any unemployment. Had not made enough money. As
said, Virginia is brutal when it comes to benefits if you are a white male.
There are none. It is a right to work state with the assumed caveat that
it's a right not to work state. So if you are unemployed it is your fault
according to the state. I think max unemployment tops at $230. It also only
lasts 6 months. And you are taxed on it I believe. Also you cannot go to
school while receiving it, just remembered that.

Michael A. Turner
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