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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed Aug 13 14:51:39 CDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 11:28:32PM -0700, Daniel de Young wrote:

> Fun to joke about :), but IMHO, regulation (and taxes) is the *major*
> factor in driving jobs overseas.  

I don't think so.  Sure it might be part of it, but the fact is that
nothing is forcing these companies to push work overseas.

They *can* compete and make good money over here, they just won't.

The irony is that they are ultimately destroying what their greed is
driving toward.

> However, with a press that loves to push the philosophy of tax
> breaks for people who don't pay taxes (just to rally votes) and "end
> corporate welfare", not to mention a population that increasingly thinks
> it's "owed" something because it exists, it's unlikely that the US will
> be saved from total economic implosion.

Oh, that's all political crap anyway.  All these people mad about the
rich not getting taxed enough are idiots.

Who the hell do they think has the capital to give them jobs?

Personally, I want a non-negotiable flat tax, and none of this complex
crap we have now, which is only there to be used for political purposes.

> I will never buy the "evil corporation" theory.  Management teams are
> obligated to make numbers or the board will kick them to the pavement. 

That doesn't wash with me.  This is justifying unethical behavior
"because they made me do it."

Wrong is wrong...

A company has to exist for more than just making money.  If the
corporations would focus on doing a good job, I think most of them would
find the money will follow.

Maybe they should consider that their short-term, profit taking
management is what causes them to lose money, and the if they'd try
being ethical and making good products, they might find profit to be
rather easy.

What a concept: do good business and make good money... :)

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