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N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Aug 13 14:47:47 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 12:19 PM, Kevin wrote:

> Agreed 100%, if you're calling the CEO greedy, you may
> as well call the shareholders (me!) greedy as well.

There's nothing wrong with greed so long as it serves a
positive purpose, be that using your investments to educate
your kids or to fund your favorite charity--and improve your
own life-style.

I don't have a great love of Bill Gates, but much of that is
because until he got *married*, he'd made less that $.5 mil
in philanthropic donations.  WTF?

Compare this to other M$ founders, and you'll understand
what I mean.

Good corporate citizens and individual investors realize
that the point of wealth is to make the pie bigger for
*EVERYBODY*.  Greed in the service of improving the world
(pick your poison: environment/scientific advancement/
education/feeding the hungry/reducing population growth/
etc) is OK in my book.  But greed in service to improving
the world also knows you can't use methods that are
directly opposed to that goal--i.e. screwing over the
little guys involved in your food (economic) chain.

Call it "enlightened capitalism."

There are a lot of "greedy" stealth (and not so stealthy,
like Bono, and others) mil/billionaires on the planet
that few ever hear about that are doing a lot of good.
These are the folks that will be remember 50 yrs from now
by their philanthropic foundations.

The problem is, wealthy people get a bad name because of
the Enron CEO's and CFO's and their ilk.  That's too bad.
I want to be wealthy--but I won't step on other people to
do it.


> On 12 Aug 2003 23:28:32 -0700
> Daniel de Young <daniel at velvetsea.com> wrote:
>> I will never buy the "evil corporation" theory.
>> Management teams are obligated to make numbers or the
>> board will kick them to the pavement. Anybody who
>> thinks that a corporation ships off jobs just to be
>> assholes is missing the point.
>> My 2 cents.
>> -Daniel
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