[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Wed Aug 13 14:46:55 CDT 2003

Kevin wrote:
> I always were a dark blue pin stripe (or a charcoal
> grey) to interviews, and will continue to do so,
> regardless of the possible consequences.  If i am
> counted out because of that, it's their loss, not mine.
>  I have no interest in working for such a place/person.

Ugh.  Suits are so 20'th century.  I will wear one
when it is appropriate.  Suits should be used
for social purposes, not business purposes.  A
pair of dockers, button down shirt and optionally
a tie should suffice in almost any business

I'll wear blue jeans and a polo shirt almost
anywhere.  I feel most productive that way.

I once worked with an executive who would wear
anything from a suit to sweatpants, depending
seemingly on a whim.  I asked him about it and
he said that each day when he wakes up, he
asks himself what would he wear to make himself
feel most productive that day.


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