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Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Wed Aug 13 14:35:54 CDT 2003

Yeah you get all this crap, except the handshake, or
maybe my test scores weren't high enough to get the
handshake... who knows.  Almost every cert i've gotten
has sent out similar crap though, cards and pins and
such, it wasn't just MS.  

CompTia is charging for that stuff in a round about way
now.  I got the A+ back in 1997, and they give me all
the extra crap.  A friend of mine just took the exams
the other day.  They sent him his cert but the wallet
card was paper.  Within the package was a form he could
fill out and send in (along with a decent sum of cash)
to be a member of the CompTia Professionals Group.  If
he joined that he would then get an A+ pin and a
plastic wallet card :)  What a bunch of bullshit the
certification industry has become.


On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 09:12:49 -0400
"William Enestvedt" <William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu> wrote:

> > > ...and yes I've worn my MS cert pin
> >
>    This sounds naive, but do you really get a *pin*
>    with your MSCE? Do you
> also get a wallet-sized membership card, and a plaque
> "suitable for display in your veal pen -- erm, in
> your cubicle," and a quick-reference card for the
> secret handshake?
>    Boy, if I had a scrap of respect for those before,
>    it's probably gone now.
> -wde
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