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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed Aug 13 13:49:49 CDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 09:13:20PM -0700, Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez wrote:
> > The thing is, the world cannot keep producing overseas and selling in
> > the US.
> "The world"? Do you mean "American Companies," US companies decided to
> move production overseas, I do not believe it is "the world" to blame but
> American companies.

I said nothing about blame.

And yes, the "world" sells in the US.  A huge portion of the world
economy is dependent on selling in the US, especially certain areas that
simply have no locals to sell to.

> term profits and behavior we will be screwed. Then again I have the
> extreme view that MBAs are some sort of evil spawn....


> 2 things to clarify here. I believe you got your sentence wrog: The world
> has been subsidizing the US economy for years, not the other way around.
> The US GDP is aroun $11 Trillion, its debt is $6 Trillion. That looks
> pretty subsidiced to me.

The two are not necessarily related.

The debt in the US is mostly overspending the federal budget.

> THEY? What about the US, American companies are the ones to blame on this
> my friend. 

Sorry, all the corporations behave just about the same.  There is little
to show for differences between the US to anywhere else.

> > What IT services is India going to support when US companies can no
> > longer function?  Their people sure as hell can't afford anything.
> The world is not just the US you know :).

OK, then who are they going to sell support too?  What other country 
is a big enough market for them to do this?

Europe?  Russia?

> > I believe in a world economy, but to a large extent each nation needs to
> > be able to employ its people and support the locals as much as possible.
> What do you think those Chinese and Indians are doing?

Definitely not what I said above.

Part of supporting your local economy is selling to it also.

Besides, you do realize that the jobs are going to an elite few over
there, right?

It's also based on supporting the very economy it is hurting.

> > It's funny... a few months back I went to some old hangouts, and
> > couldn't help but notice how empty they were.
> Not to go off on a rant, but it has been mindblowing to me the amount of
> denial from some Americans (media, politicians) about the actual shape of
> the economy. 

Agreed, its worse than people are willing to admit.

However, in many ways the entire world economy is in worse shape than
anyone wants to admit.  Japan was in denial for years before they
finally admitted they had big problems.

> I can usually gauge the state of the economy by traffic on the
> 880 and 101 in SV, and it doesn't make me feel better when I arrive 1/2 hr

Not around here.

Economy tanking, traffic rapidly increasing.

> the only outrage I have seen is against the Indians and Chinese, oh lord
> forbid that it was those "patriotic" American CEOs who shipped their jobs
> elsewhere.

I'd say the rage should be directed to the CEOs, but the offshore
companies are not blameless.  Have you ever looked into the tactics they

Some criminal organizations are perfectly legal.

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