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> Are you willing to give up some secrets as to good resources for
> gov't surplus buying?
> I've found an unlikely place to look out here is police auctions,
> but would appreciate some more sources since so *many* people are
> doing this kind of thing in the Bay Area.
Police Auctions are good as are School District sales.

However I am sure there are good deals in Government surplus yet.

There are federal auction catalogs here:

 If you look some of the lots are large and the descriptions general. For 
those with the fortitude to go out and inspect items there are oft surprises 
buried in the pallets.  Federal sales also may be spread out over half or a whole 
state with lots scattered about. Sometimes lots in remote areas can be 
reasonable. Inspections are important.

Another place are Hospital Sales in large cities. Hospitals often hold 
regular sales and often have good equipment.

At Ross/Dove Auctions buy from the leftover list, if they have one, a couple 
of days after the auction.

Keep an eye on what businesses close down and what they do with their 
equipment. Talk to people involved and ask what do they do with their equipment. Keep 
an eye on local Auction liquidators that have things you like. Talk to 
property managers of large local companies.

Lease Return equipment sometimes are good bargains. Check Leasing Companies 

I used to make my living this way also.
Astoria, OR

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