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Todd Killingsworth tkilling at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 13 13:04:07 CDT 2003

Michael is only one opinion.  YMMV.

Potential employers hear lots of candidates that say they've expanded your
skills. Certs of any flavor are an objective way of measuring a candidate's
base knowledge.

If you've been out of the job market awhile, certs are more believeable than
telling them "Yeah, I've been reading up on it in between the soaps ...."

Mind you, a cert may help you get the interview - but your experience and
abilities ultimately will get you the job.

At my interview yesterday, the hiring manager asked what I'd been doing the
last six months.  I told him about working with Solaris and SuSE at home,
learning java and taking the SCJP certification.  He apparantly liked it,
because I've gotten a call from the HR group wanting to move forward on a
background check.

At least he didn't think I'd been sitting on my a**, eating bonbons and
watching Oprah.

Todd Killingsworth

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On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 12:20 PM, Michael A. Turner wrote:
>  If it
> said "Working on MCSE" it went into the no pile.
<sarcasm> I have to sincerely thank people like you who contribute to
the pain of people on this list for no good reason</sarcasm>

Honestly you just don't know people's reasons for stating this... or
their background.... if such a thing prevents you from scanning the
rest of the resume... shame on you

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