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N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Aug 13 11:56:51 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 07:01 AM, Brian Dunbar wrote:

> Joshua D. Boyd [mailto:jdboyd at celestrion.net] on Wednesday, August 13, 
> 2003
> 8:15 AM said;
>> I've always worn a suit to the first interview.  So far it has worked
>> for me.  Although, at my current job, I was told not to wear a suit 
>> for
>> any follow up interviews.
> I was told (three years ago) by the my manager not only to not wear a 
> suit
> when I interviewed but simply to wear 'a nice golf shirt and slacks'.  
> He
> claimed with a straight face anything nicer would scare people and 
> make them think I was a consult-tick.

In my last job interview with the group [0], the team commented that 
the last guy had worn a tie to the interview, and not only did they 
admonish him a bit for it, but the "made fun of him", too.  Tough crowd.


[0] My interviews went like this:
     * int in Nov on a Friday night at 10:30pm after the hiring mgr
       had been out for diner with a few beers--didn't get the job--
       though I suspect he wishes he'd hired me then (sys admin job)
     * interviewed with the group in two waves on the same day with
       the mgr "grilling" me technically in front of them (he enjoyed
       this way too much) (team lead/mgr job)
     * interviewed with 3 suits on the same day, COO, VP Eng Ops, and
       the hell-bound Dir. CSE (sexist bastard); I was supposed to
       interview with an Eng mgr (missed the appt), and the Sr. Sys
       Ad as well (he wasn't put on the list, even though he had come
       out from CO *just* to interview me)
     * phone interview with Sr. Sys Ad
     * two phone conferences with the hiring mgr to try to figure out
       how to end-run the people who gave me thumbs down
     * one f2f meeting w/hiring mgr ditto
     * ...and the saga continues...I'm calling him tomorrow...

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