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N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Aug 13 10:52:11 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at 04:29 PM, Shannon wrote:
> The unemployment rate can be as much as 100% off at times.
> For example, have you ever noticed how many jobs are 3 months or
> less?
> That's because you can't get unemployment if you don't work at least 2
> quarters, and they don't have to pay for it.

In CA, you only need to make a minimum of $1500 to file for UI.

> Yeah... but there are problems with that:
> * it makes you look bad to employers in your field

I don't think this is necessarily true, given the state things are
in at this point.

> * many places will not hire "professionals"
> * you are competing with kids they can pay a fraction of what company
>   rules and regulations would require them to pay you
> * many places won't hire you because "you'll just leave first time
>   you get an offer in your field

In the Bay Area, a lot of kids couldn't find summer jobs unless
they already had them lined up.  There are a lot of folks who've
been out of "professional" work long enough that they've managed
to get these jobs (grocery stores, department stores, etc).
Some (not all, mind you) of these employers are realizing that
they have an opportunity to get someone with a lot of experience
who may be loyal enough, if treated well, to stick around.

People in more flexible roles, such as sales and marketing, are
switching fields.  One of my cell phone co. reps came from soft-
ware sales.  Her husband was also in software sales, and is in
medical sales now, I think.

> But... what the hell are we supposed to do?
> I can't believe the places that refuse to hire my friends and I because
> of fear we'll just quit. I mean, their turnover is already very high, 
> so
> what is the big deal? Most of the kids they hire will leave when summer
> is over!

It's not so much that, I don't think.  I just think they know they
can look at more candidates and get someone that's better.

In my last interview feedback (still talking with the hiring mgr, as
he wants to hire me, just has to figure a way around the suits), the
VP of Eng Ops said, "We can do better."  He obviously understands the
job situation out here, and there was no risk to him in saying that,
since he's not the one who has to do the "shopping" so-to-speak--he's
only vetting others' choices.

I can tell you I will never let my personal network collapse to the
degree that I allowed it to in the last year I was employed--that's
the killer I am dealing with now.


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