[rescue] LaserJet 5P Fuser problem

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Aug 13 09:33:49 CDT 2003

Generally the parts are available to rebuild fusers.....

Either the sensor that senses the fuser's temperature is bad, or the
heating element is bad.... I'd imagine both can be replaced.

If you go the way of fixing the fuser... you may want to check any gears
on it, as well as the surface of the actual fuser roller... if there are
any chips or scratches, replace it.

Last time I fixed a laser printer (Canon SX engine in a QMS), I ordered
the parts from The Printer Works (www.printerworks.com).

Checking there now, I see that is a Canon VX engine in there.  I don't
seem to see the parts you would need to rebuild.

First thing I'd check is all the electrical connections... maybe one has
become bad (for the sensor or the heater).

Unless you have a bad electrical connection, if the problem is in the fuser,
I think your looking at $128.25 for the fixing film assembly (which may have
all you need), or $232.75 for a whole new fuser assembly.... yikes...
makes me miss Cannon SX based engines... cheap and plenty parts, built like
a tank.... just doesn't have the DPI and speed that people want/need these

-- Curt

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>Subject: [rescue] LaserJet 5P Fuser problem
>Hey everyone... I'm trying to "rescue" this LaserJet 5P.  He's in pretty good 
>condition physically & cosmetically, so making it work would be kinda bonus.
>Problem crops up when it starts to spin up the scanner, start moving the paper 
>path and (presumably) fire up the fuser.  It then comes to an abrupt stop, 
>lights up all LEDs (except the bottom "Ready" light) and sits there.  Holding 
>both buttons, I get a new LED code with just the paper jam LED lit.
>Research thus far says that it's a 50 error, which means the fuser didn't hit 
>a certain temp by a certain time.  I see references to replacing the "thermal 
>fuse", though others have told me it's an actual thermistor.  
>Has anyone had this problem themselves and/or been able to fix it?  Fusers are 
>upwards of $150 or so.
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