[rescue] looking for a Multia

Brian Dunbar Brian.Dunbar at plexus.com
Wed Aug 13 08:45:29 CDT 2003

Phil Stracchino [mailto:alaric at caerllewys.net] on Tuesday, August 12, 2003
2:43 PM said;

> the
> next segment they were talking to someone who was saying they had a
> survey that indicated "half to three quarters of a million" people had
> just dropped off the jobless rolls because they'd given up even TRYING
> to look for work, because they'd concluded there were simply no jobs out
> there.

> (I'll freely admit, I'm about this >< far from being one of them.)

If you don't mind what may be a simple-minded question .. if you stop trying
to look for work, which implies that you won't be working ... where does the
food money come from?

And I don't mean 'you' Phil specifically and not meaning to give offense, I
mean 'you' in the generic sense.  If you get what I mean.


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