[rescue] LaserJet 5P Fuser problem

Rob Fielding rob at dsvr.net
Wed Aug 13 08:37:09 CDT 2003

> Has anyone had this problem themselves and/or been able to fix it?  Fusers are 
> upwards of $150 or so.

Weird name isn't it. `Eff-user' or fuse-err error ? wtf is that ?

We had this on a Lexmark M412 printer. As far as I was able to work out 
basically your Fuser needs replacing, which is AFAIK the bit which makes a 
laser printer print. Yup, it's usually expensive, being just below the total 
cost of a new printer, but there you go. It can be a bit of job to do, but 
hey, thats sometimes nice ;)


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