[rescue] looking for a Multia

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Aug 13 08:03:13 CDT 2003

"From: Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com>
"On Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at 07:46 PM, Sandwich Maker wrote:
"> pardon my ignorance, but what's the cpu in a multia?  sounds a little
"> slow for an alpha...
"   It's a 21066...which is a castrated 21064.  Unbelievably slow for the 
"clock rate.  21064s run rings around them.

sigh.  what coulda been.

i have a friend who was my officemate at att-bl; he was a tech on the
alpha project.  i remember him telling me that the chief architect had
plans for growth and streamlined versions to follow the first alpha
chip, but mgmt didn't appreciate his vision - so he quit.

who better to plan what they were going to do anyway?  it was
massively stupid of them -- but then, what could one expect...
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