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Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Tue Aug 12 23:53:45 CDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:

> You should make an appeal to history here.  Look at what happened to
> the British Empire when they focused on the equivalent for their time
> "services" instead of producing things.

"finance" is not the same as "services", they controlled the resources,
the production AND the distribution. :) Once they went to "services" their
country ended up being owned 1/4 by the Americans, 1/4 by the Japanese,
and 1/4 by the Germans (sorry bad joke). They still keep the "finance"
angle though...

> No, the USA deals freely and fairly with others even when the favor is
> not returned.  China has PNTR with the USA; but the tariff on US-made
> goods headed for China is 50% .

Oh, yes... And who gave PNTR status to China?... ze Germans :)? No body is
innocent when it comes to trade and money, no one... even the US.

> Also, Sony and Canon both profited from work done by US companies that
> were not compensated for it: Sony - got their start by using
> transistors in a small radio after a US company named Regency did the
> work and produced the first transistor radio.

So? The internal combustion engine wasn't invented in the US, that did not
stop Ford from making cars, did it?

> Canon was not able to penetrate the copier market until an judge ruled
> that due to anti-trust regulations Xerox had to license their patents
> to any and all comers for a modest fee.
> Can you think of something equivalent where the advantage accrued to
> US GDP from something a Japanese company was forced to license?

Where would be the US movie industry without the VHS? :) Or the US
recording Industry without the CD? Now that I think of it, those are
pretty evil industries.... d'oh!

> > The US GDP is aroun $11 Trillion, its debt is $6 Trillion. That looks
> > pretty subsidiced to me.
> Dunno what you mean by this.  50% debt ratio is OK as long as you can
> meet the payments,

Sorry what I meant to say is that the US is a net debtor (since the mid
80s I believe) therefore assuming that the rest of the world has been
subsidiced by the US is a bit of a stretch.

What I was afraid is with the huge deficit this year, if the country can
indeed meet part of the payment schedules.

I guess this is more of a geeks thread, mea culpa

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